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Viewer Feedback

     Did you see the show and have some feedback? Want to tell others what you thought of it? Do you have an idea that you think we could incorporate into the Holiday House? Then e-mail us your feedback to info@lightupxmas.com and we will post it here.

2006 Feedback:

Stopped by to see the show tonight, and despite a light rain, it was still an amazing show. You.re right, you have to see it in person to really appreciate it. Thank you for all your and your teams. efforts.

Wayne Newbre

100,000 Christmas Lights
Over 2,000,000 control states
10 miles of extension cords
Watching my 5 year old son dance on your driveway tonight: Priceless!

Thank you for one of my most precious Christmas memories. Blessing to you and yours!

Dawn Cauthen - Big fan from last year :-)

p.s. My parents fly in from out of state next week and I can't wait to bring them by!

We cannot express our thanks! We came by tonight wanting to video tape some Christmas lights for our son, now serving in Iraq. Well, we got your light show on tape and I am burning a DVD for him and his buddies! I hope this brings some Christmas joy to your hearts knowing that the 10th Mt. Infantry out of Ft. Drum, NY now serving in Iraq will be viewing this! (Hooah Golden Dragons!)

Thank you...thank you...thank you!!

The Bressler's
Proud Army Parents


You have NO idea how many you've touched with the time involved for what you've done. I'm sure your videos have been sent worldwide and I remember seeing them on the net last year. Thank you for brightening (litterally) up Christmas around the world.

Best holiday wishes,
Dave & Sue Shultz Perrysburg, Ohio

Awesome! You have done far more than I ever have (maxed out at 10k lights) and I commend your choice of music.

Robert Huskison

Thank you so much for bringing us all such a wonderful, multi sensory experience! I saw your house on KCRA & made a point of finding it right away, so I could share it with family & friends. Clearly this is inspired work & it brings so much joy to the Sacramento community. I also wish to commend you for your collections for the food banks. I hope you make this an annual tradition for many years to come. Major kudos all around!

Kathy, Logan & Kenna

The show was to say the least "AWESOME". My grandchildren loved it.

Thank you
Dan Grimshaw


Kenny Magana

2005 Feedback:

Bravo! This was the most fantastic delightful light show I’ve ever seen! I can hardly wait till next year.


Comment by Dawn Valerio — January 13, 2006

This was the most creative display I have seen in a long time. It rivals the fountains at Bellagio in Las Vegas, no joke. THANK YOU so much for your time and energy - this was clearly no afternoon project. Tell us what we can do to contribute to your efforts, besides pass on the word. I’d like to help you as you have helped us!

Peace, Joy and Love for the new year!
Lisa Castro

Comment by Lisa Castro — December 27, 2005

We heard about your display from a friend and went to see it tonite– TOTALLY AMAZING!! The combination of so many lights and the fast-paced music was fantastic. Your energy and creativity is enviable. Thanks for a fun show–what a great way to finish up the Christmas season. We’ll be back and bring our friends next year. God Bless.

Comment by D. & K. Gray — January 1, 2006

Saw a brief news clip of it on the KCRA Ch. 3 news at 11pm one night when they were showing some of the good lights to see. When we saw your light display, we knew it was something we had to see for ourselves. Glad we did. We know a lot of work went into the display and we thank you for all your hard work.

Hope you’ll put video on your site soon so others can see it. BTW, we were the couple in the Mini Cooper with the Union Jack flag on the top that stopped right where your camera was set up.

Alice and Rob Saunders

Comment by Alice and Rob Saunders — December 26, 2005

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Saw/Heard the display last night, (Dec. 26) with minimal traffic and a positively CLEAR, (no fog), view of the ENTIRE HOUSE. What a feat! Congratulations to EVERYONE involved for providing a wonderful gift to those in your community as well as those visiting from surrounding areas. We HAVE GOT to encourage other communities to incorporate this since I don’t think you’re going to have adequate space for the WORD OF MOUTH advertisement you’re going to witness (in drive bys)if you do this again NEXT YEAR! Thanks so much—-a foothill family.

Comment by Sherry — December 27, 2005

Thanks for lighting up our neighborhood so we can enjoy it every evening. It’s been a lot of fun for our friends and family also. Having watched the process, you are to be commended for your creative endeavors and persistence. Thanks!


Comment by Barbara McVey

The show was amazing. I will be going quit often to check out the new songs and any changes.

Comment by Jen — December 20, 2005

Absolutely FANTASTIC! What an incredible show. Our family thoroughly enjoyed it, and will be bringing back more family soon! Thank you for this special holiday treat and sharing your talents with the public. Have a great year.

Comment by Debbie Kick — December 20, 2005

My family and I saw the show tonight. We all loved it. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter absolutely loved it and wanted to see more flashing lights after we left, unfortuntely there is no other show around like this that I know of. So I guess we will have to go back.

Thanks for putting on such a nice show

Comment by Sandy — December 20, 2005

thanks for all the hard work. hope you do it again next year.

Comment by sam — December 21, 2005

GOOD JOB! That was the best light show we have ever seen. Thank you for the great entertainment. Hopefully you will have it going on Christmas day, we would like to bring all of our dinner guests. All of your hard work shows, and it turned out great!

Comment by Martinez/Coughtry family — December 21, 2005

It was pure joy and made us laugh. My 3-year old wants to go back over and over. Lucky we live around the corner. Thanks so much for the Christmas spirit. Mary

Comment by Mary Glum — December 21, 2005

That had to be the most amazing thing I’ve seen! My 78yr old mother and I sat and watched the song three times through. I can’t wait go return to see a new song. Thank you for this wonderful Christmas gift.

Comment by Martie — December 23, 2005

It was absoultely the coolest thing i have ever seen. I have actually gone back 3 nights in a row and have brought many of my friends. They all say they thought it was incredible and now they are telling all their friends! We love what you’ve done and it is an awesome choice of song. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Comment by Kelly roberts — December 24, 2005

We came by your house this evening as our first stop on a tour of some of the homes listed in the Sac Bee. Needless to say, your home spoiled us for the rest of the tour! Your house totally amazed our family of 2 adults, a 4 year old boy and 21 month old girl! We were astounded and so impressed by your effort and creativity. I’m really hoping it will be running Christmas Day because we would love to come by again. Thank you so much!

Comment by Dawn Cauthen — December 24, 2005

I drove by and thought “OK, cool flashing lights but nothing special”. Then I turned on the radio and got the big WOW. Great job and I even liked the music.

Comment by Brad — December 24, 2005

I brought my husband by a few nights ago, and we couldn’t wait to bring our family tonight after our Christmas dinner. 14 of us piled into our cars and headed down there! Loved your new song and still love the original. It’s an awesome and amazing display. The best I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for all your hard work. You brought us that extra bit of holiday cheer.

Happy New Year!

Comment by Melissa — December 25, 2005

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome Christmas light display. It was spectacular and beautiful. Of course the TSO’s music is quickly becoming a modern Christmas holiday staple and works so well with the lights!! We’ll look forward to stopping by next year. Thanks again

Comment by judy pontious — December 28, 2005

We’ve been out three times now, and will be back with our daughter and husband on New Year’s Day. The tiny videos I took with the Christmas camera turned out pretty well, but I’m going to try again! Thanks SO much for all the hard work and the beautiful display!

Comment by Jan Yarnot — December 28, 2005

Thank you so much!!! You did such an amazing job and should be so proud of yourself. Your display looked like something you would see at DisneyWorld. We enjoyed your show so much that we returned a second time with more family members. We can only hope you do it again next year.If you have time could you let us know the names of the songs you used, it was a perfect choice. Thank you again for your generous contribution to the community and for making everyone’s christmas a whole lot brighter.

Thank you

Comment by Steffanie — January 2, 2006

Thanks for entertaining all of us this Holiday. We especially enjoyed talking with you in front of your house New Years Eve. We returned New Years Night with some other family members but it was raining too hard for them to get out. Keep up the good work next year. As we discussed, I would also be interested in any information you want to share or sell on how to do it. With the exposure you had this year, besides having the neighbors involved next year it would be great to have a “chain” of homes within driving distance with similar themes.

Comment by Nate — January 3, 2006

We loved the “private” showing you gave us last night! We were in awe. Getting a peek behind the scene was mind boggling! What a work of love, creativity and skill. Congratulations and thanks to all involved. The TV spots did NOT do it justice! Being there and hearing the music in person is THE ONLY WAY TO VIEW IT! Thank you for creating a special Christmas spirit! Jim and Judy

Comment by Jim and Judy Mathews — January 11, 2006

Wow!!! What a tribute to Mozart for his 250th birthday! I just watched the “Queen of the Night” video, after getting this website address. My family told me about your Light Show. I lived 10 years in Carmichael, it’s fun to experience seeing events as yours from my computer in Thun, Switzerland! Amazing.
Happy New Year…in candlelight now??

Comment by Audrey Taber — February 8, 2006

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